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The men fish (as they are wont to do.)

Listen to these as you swab the deck, straighten your desk, or tell the captain to ready the yacht – whatever you’ve got.  Happy Friday!

Morpheus (god of Dreams) and Iris (goddess of Sea & Sky.) Iris follows the water. She benumbs dissemblance.

Treble Hook

Let the riff begin.  Play it Jim:

Now Ed gets his say.  Take it away:

Never Never Neverland. Pan & his flute.

Then there’s the beach where it all never ends.

At least, that’s what Donovan says:

But if you really want to blow my mind, add Ike to the line.

Outrageous cover, performed at the Wattstax concert, 1972.  Well worth the 17 minutes of your time. It’s even worth the 17:38.  Why equivocate?

Bounties, wisdom & peace.


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