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The hump in Hump Day.  Almost there.

Firefly Climb

The tune will take you through.  Let it fly:


(Steve turned 64 on Saturday.  That’s a flying leap.  And a hump.  And a climb!)

As a kid, my dad loved to fly.  He’s still the most faithful climber I know.  ‘Higher Love’ is from Back in the High Life, one of his favorite albums.  This one’s for you, Dad.

Kadina snails make the climb.

Ants do too. Moss accrues.

Anolis sagrei. Lithe. Intent.

Monkey in banana tree. Wise. Content.


Spare nothing.

Mali climbs.

California climbs. Gold rushes.

Midshipmen rush & climb, every time.

Steve climbs. He’s gotta. Guyana.

So does Patrick.  Link to his photos, here.  Fantastic.

Together. Alone.

There’s a direction home.

Some are complete unknowns.

Navy Seals climb to jump & climb again.

In the end

it all comes up

to love.

© 15 May 2012 Isabella Darling.  All rights reserved.  Video via standard youtube license.  Header image by Nevit Dilmen (CC BY SA 3.0.) All other images as attributed.