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It feels good to claim it.

Though we may debate the metaphysical truth of it, the corporeal truth cannot be denied.

So here’s to embracing the bluster of our earthly reality,
face-first to the wind.

Albert Einstein

Amelia Earhart

Cahto woman

Man. Fig Tree. Brisbane, 1866.

North Nahanni River, Northwest Territories

Polish recruit


Benoit Mandelbrot

San grandaughter, Botswana

Helen Keller, Radcliffe graduation

One; First; Leader.

Thich Nhat Hanh

Woman, Haskell County, Kansas

Mary Wollstonecraft, c. 1797

Colima Woman c. 100 BCE – 300 CE

Gandhi tribute in Novi Beograd in Belgrade, Serbia

bell hooks

Albert Einstein. Still, again. The same, different.

Martin Buber

M.R. Bawa Muhaiyaddeen

Rowing, Brisbane River 1885

St Francis River, Missouri 2008

North Nahanni River, past Battlement Range

Father, between Vikos Village & Astraka

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