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Self-understanding and self-love provide the foundation for understanding and loving another person. This is the first step.  Coming home to ourselves, taking care of ourselves, understanding ourselves, accepting ourselves, and being compassionate to ourselves.

-Thich Naht Hanh, The Art of Power

Boloria eunomia egg

Carcharodus alceae ovum

Lotus flower

Spin, then pray

Before bathing

Washing in the brook

Carmelite prayer



At the arboretum

In the garden

Aymara woman

Palm water


Young Woman with Water Pitcher

Woman with a balance

Rabbi Praying

Mufti Reading in His Prayer Stool

Woman reading in a chair

Lady at the piano

Schlafende junge frau

Lady resting on the pillow

Een middagdutje

Praying woman, c. 2500 BCE

Stehender Badender

Seoul flower and bee

Bee and flower

Before enlightenment

Shiva Rishikesh

At home

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