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You may have noticed a theme here this week.  I didn’t begin with that intention.

But as Joan Didion says, “I write to find out what I think.”  Sometimes what I write for you is what I need for myself.  I offer you the songs that I need to hear.

That’s how it was this week.

Atopique XII

The relationship between alone-ness and leadership proffers a complicated truth.  A leader sets herself apart and so becomes part of something greater.  A fair proportion of leaders self-identify as loners.

But truth is always difficult – impossible –  when one insists upon polarities and limited dimensions.  It comes easier when one envisions wholeness and roundness, depth and expansion.

Composition of proportions

Still, I grapple with the fact that to be a leader one must willingly be first and last – sometimes simultaneously.

Heroic status is appealing when acclamation is in the offing.  But the finest heroes neither seek nor claim glory.

Supremus No. 58

To commit to and risk on behalf of something, aware that no one may ever know of it – that is a special sort of heroism.

Last week one hero saved another.  Nobly and quietly, he did what the man he saved would have done in similar circumstances.  He repeatedly stuck his neck out, refused to give up.  He did what no one else would do.

Suprematist Composition

I’d like to tell you the story, tell you how he pulled it off, tell you his name.  But I can’t.

Although his deed is done, disclosure would harm him.  It ought not.  His actions aligned with the highest ethical and professional standards.  But this is the real world we are talking about here.

Fließende Geometrie

Sometimes, true heroes move forward by receding in service to their mission.  At first gloss their behavior might appear to reflect poorly upon them.

They might break protocol. Or they might appear to be passive, quiet, standing back.



In truth, they are standing alone.



This Friday’s music set begins with a song that continues the theme. It was a favorite of mine as a kid and was referenced in one of this week’s posts.  See if you can find it and Name That Thread.  (Hint: It’s at the top of the Isabella Curve.)

I don’t have much to offer in way of reward.  Guess you’ll just have to be a hero.  But if you find it, be brazenly unabashed and tell us all by way of a comment.  I’ll see to it that your notoriety abounds.

That’s more than my hero-man got. But my guess is that he’s fine with that.

Meantime, Otis will ease us on in.  Then Joss will pick up for some brazeness of her own.  Finally, Aretha will do what she does and soothe our way home.  Happy Friday!


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