Adieu, Edmund Leighton, 1901

Scientists are using the arts to bring us back to reality.

They are increasing students’ attention and focus through the study of Victorian portraiture.

Who’s using it?  Upwards of 20 medical schools, including Yale and Harvard.  Wharton’s School of Business, too.

Check out the article. (Don’t worry, it’s short – doesn’t require too much attention.)

Reviving the Art of Observation

Then take a second look at some of these Victorians, drawn from Isabella’s arsenal.

This time, notice anything new? 

Wishing you a connection or two. ~ Isabella


The Fisherman & the Syren by Leighton c.1856-1858


Lilith by John Collier, 1892


The Shawl by Charles Sprague Pierce 1900


A lady playing the piano by Carl Holsoe c. 1900


Lady Resting on a Pillow by Raja Ravi Varma


Love & Innocence, Léon Bazille Perrault, 1884

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