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Looking back over this week’s posts in order to select the Friday playlist, I see that (unbeknownst) I was sending a message to myself.



Why am I always the last to know?


Through windows, in a stroke of sanity, suddenly I see.

WriterGet up, stand up, and encounter!

Connections between vision, art, and freedom have turned out to be this week’s themes.  I don’t find that particularly surprising.

But that encounter thing – that’s something that I’m in the heart of discovering presently.  Putting myself out there, daring, shedding fear.  It’s some old skin, and it’s time for it to go.

I’ve been feeling for a while that it’s time to shoot off to new places, start a new chapter – a new book – several, even.  Move into different libraries, or out of buildings entirely, beyond the limits of any one city or country.

Up.  Out.

A state of mind, and so, a state of being.


My story is a specifically female story, so tied to everything this woman-ness is.

But I know that in some ways it is universal.  The valiantly human quest of the individual is to be more – more real, more true, more of what he or she wants to be.  Striving to be our better selves.


I want to be more me.

Discard everything that is not me.

Cast it off.

I want to be more and less.


So, for this Friday’s playlist, some songs for the launch.


First, the windows. Since we’re keeping it real, this is the original version of the tune, sung by Johnny Nash:


This next song was originally recorded by The Drifters in 1962.  Here it is sung in 1971 by Carole King, who wrote the song along with David Geffen.  Beyond windows, the climbing up, then a bit of a pause, before continuing the ascent:


Finally, Jackie Wilson takes us where we want to be.  If I can reach my heights the way he hit his . . . . ahh yeah.  Listen to that range!  And watch those moves – so smooth, he makes them look easy.

Originally recorded in 1967, by one of the greats, Mr. Entertainment himself:


An uplifting weekend for each of us!  ~  Isabella





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