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Lovers, Pal Szinyei Merse, 1918


Love is so much easier than you realize.
If you can give yourself to someone,
you should.

A Little Bit of Everything, from Another Country, Dawes.


Acoustic, Dawes’ first performance of A Little Bit of Everything:


The Lovers, William Powell Frith


Lovers, Otto Baditz c. 1900


Lovers, Bela Iványi-Grunwald, 1909


Lovers, Kisfaludi Károly, 1823


Lovers, Albrecht Altdorfer c. 1530


Two Lovers, Marcus Stone c. 1900


The Lover’s Boat, Albert Pinkham Ryder c. 1890


S. bechsteini


H. tredecimpunctata


C. hieroglyphica

~Shabbat Shalom~


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