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Topological Mixing

Time to let go of the week which was, for me, best described by the image and concept, above.

Friday’s playlist is for leaving all that behind.

Isabella is all about the connections (just ask anyone who knows her.) But sometimes it’s useful to leave Chaos for a while and move into something more directly linear and lean.

Grazing in the grass.

Strolling on the beach.

Taking five.

Cool.  Smooth.  Spare.

I’m there.


First recorded in 1968 by Hugh Masekela
as an instrumental.  Recorded the following year by the Friends of Distinction.  Here they are performing it in 1970 on The Ed Sullivan Show.  Grazing in the Grass.  I can still dig it.  Can you?




In 1964 I wanted to be the girl from Ipanema, even though I was way too young for such an aspiration. But I loved the aesthetic, even then.  A little bossa nova, the epitome of cool.  Music by Antônio Carlos Jobim.   Astrud Gilberto & Stan Getz perform The Girl from Ipanema.



Lastly, Take Five.  Dave Brubeck.  Originally recorded in 1959.  Performed here in Germany in 1966.  I was raised on this stuff . . . .




Stirred, please.

Because the sound is much more civil.


Have a smooth weekend. ~ Isabella


©14 June 2012  Isabella Darling.  All rights reserved.  Images as attributed.  Video via standard youtube license.