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Astronomical Clock, Prague by Maros Mraz (CC BY SA 2.5)

Purging boxes of momentos that had been stored for many years, I came across this bit of pith and wisdom, written by Yours Truly.  Blue ink on a white paper napkin, slightly sepia with coffee stains and age. 

Written in my early twenties.

Turns out I knew stuff then.

Guess I still do. 

But now and again, don’t we all need a little reminding – literally?  

What do you do now that you have faced your own finitude?


Be happy.


Les hasards heureux de l’escarpolette (The Happy Accidents of the Swing), Jean-Honore Fragonard, 1768


 Do your job.


Work by Ford Madox Brown, 1852-1863


Follow your nose.


Vogel Selbsterkenntnis (Bird of Self Knowledge) or
Nimm dich selbst by der Nase (Take yourself by the nose), 17th C.


Cover your ass.


Aphrodite Kallipygos


I’m off to do all four.  Have a good week ~ Isabella.


© 24 June 2012  Isabella Darling.  All rights reserved.  Images as attributed.