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Interphase energy: Solid, liquid, gas


My own take on the tried and true.

Tried and truer:


Anything is impossible if you try hard enough.


Lego Letdown


Roman columns


How can this be a home?
Building blocks, experimental house, Taos, New Mexico


Mythery loves company.


Three Gossips, Arches National Park


Djurhuus poems, Songbird & Gossip


Gossip, Henry Ryland c. 1890


The Friendly Gossip, Eugene de Blaas


Сплетня (Gossips), F. Malyavin


Persistence is a virtue.


Affresco di una processione di falegnami
Bottega del Profumiere, Pompei, c. 100 CE


Waldarbeiter beim Holzsägen, Jean-François Millet c. 1852


My Friends, the Carpenter & the Painter, Carl Larsson c. 1909


Painting Thangka Lhasa in Tibet, Luca Galuzzi


Water Mirror Stage, Jin Temple


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