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Change of axes


Every change begins with the truth.


Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica, Isaac Newton


Every truth begins with the story.


WWI Postcard, Grodno / Hrodna Bridge, Bombed c.1915


Every story begins with a word.


Dorchester, Dorset


Every word, with a letter.


‘S’ , Paulus Frank, 1601


Every letter with a stroke.


Calligrafie, Jan Van De Velde, 1605


Every stroke, with intent.


Candlelight vigil for China’s oppressed


All intent, with a thought.



Every thought, with the mind.





Violence UnSilenced. 


Now in its third year.


Good music & inspiring faces in this video.


Check it out!





A Recovery Bill of Rights for Trauma Survivors


The Biological Response to Psychic Trauma.


National Institute of Mental Health : Post Traumatic Stress Disorder


The Sidran Institute: Traumatic Stress Education & Advocacy. 


Trauma & Recovery: The aftermath of violence –
from domestic abuse to political terror


Therapy: The Science of Mindfulness







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