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Full disclosure.

I have searched, but cannot confirm the source of this quote.

(If anyone knows it, I’d love to hear from you.)

But it reflects what I’m feeling, and it’s a useful concept.

Hope you find it useful too.

~ Isabella

A problem that cannot be solved should be kissed and left.



Israelites Leaving Egypt


The Farewell 0f Telemachus & Eucharis


Judith leaving the tent of Holofernes


Pushkin’s Farewell to the Sea


Clipper Ship ‘Southern Cross’ Leaving Boston Harbor


Seeking Fortune (Emigrant Boy)


Emigrants at Larsens Plads


She Is Not Drowning
(Truth Leaving the Well)




Jefferson Airplane, before Spencer Dryden’s leave-taking


The Great Going Forth (The Bodhisatta after leaving the palace)


Leaving Earth’s Orbit


Milky Way





© 12 July 2012 Isabella Darling.  All rights reserved.  Images as attributed.