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Hawthorn berries in snow by Mary & Angus Hogg (CC 2.0)

Hawthorn berries


What is there that a Jew can say

when Christmas falls

on Too Truesday?

May joy and sweet bliss

be yours this Christmas

if the Yuletide is your holiday.


Religious Symbols Animated via wikipedia {PD}


To the Jews and the Muslims,

(you know we are cousins)

To B’hai and the Hindus,

Buddhists and Bu-Jews,

Shia and Sunnis,

Shintos and Sufis,

The Druze and the Daoists,

the Sikhs – even Maoists –


Han Dynasty terra-cotta horse head c. 200 CE (PD Age)

Han Dynasty terra-cotta horse head


Bronze coin, Han Dynasty (PD Author)

Bronze coin, Han Dynasty


I know they are political,

but their roots are inimical,

to Confucian ideology,

which grew by way

of Han hegemony.


Hence, today’s ethnic Han,

and the fight that goes on,

with China’s few

Muslim Turks –

[Dear Gd –

Why did You do all this work?]

– who are known as the Uighers.

[Gd says, “You go figure.”]


Uigher girls in marketplace, Xinjiang by Colegata (CC Spain 2.5 )

Uigher girls in marketplace, Xinjiang


There are Maoists in India

glad to befriend ya’

if you’re an Islamic insurgent –


– but this poem’s divergence

needs rectification.


Bet that brings you elation.


Hot air balloons by AngMoKio (CC BY SA 2.5


Hot air balloons by AngMoKio (CC BY SA 2.5)


R. Regina Jonas, first female rabbi (PD Author)

Rabbi Regina Jonas. First female rabbi.


Whether you’re Reform

or strict constructionist,

Orthodox or reductionist,

Atheist or agnostic –

(Pardon, but I must add

this next schtick – )


Agnostics don’t reject a deity,

piety, or fealty.

For that you’d need a definition

of the Gd that you envision.

(Which can be most intimidating,

since the Gd about whom we’re intimating,

is more sublime than any one of us.

Why else be making such a fuss?)


But just to be efficient,

one final note on non-omniscience.

It’s one reason we have agnostics.

I hope you see the logic.


Carmelite Nun

Carmelite Nun


So whether you feast or whether you fast,

Whether you stand, you kneel, or you dance,

whether you’re ascetic or Dionysian,

post-modern or neo-Keynesian –

(Yes, I know that’s the economy.

But by now surely you follow me.)


Sufi Whirling Devishes by Vladimer Shioshvili (CC  BY SA 2.0)

Sufi Whirling Dervishes


(Follow me.)


Bed pillows by Wikicanadashawn (CC 3.0)


Bedfellows and politicians

make for strange ammunition.

So when adding religion,

one must bring precision,

though it’s surely less science than art.

But the lines should be clear from the start.


I won’t steal the covers,

leaving nothing for others.

I’ll take my pillows and sheets,

my revelries and retreats,

and I won’t tell you how to believe.


We can cohabit this place

with respect and with grace,

for just as there’s day

and there’s night,

there’s a fact to the truth of our rights.


Your rights begin

where mine meet their end.

In that I can find no disgrace.


Since my rights find their start,

where yours fall apart,

and that’s

at the nose

on my face.


Bed pillows by Wikicanadashawn (CC 3.0)

Vogel Selbsterkenntnis
(Bird of Self Knowledge) 17th C.

Religious Symbols Animated via wikipedia {PD}


So if I didn’t name you

I didn’t intend to defame you.

It’s just how I put rhyme

to my reason.


While our seasons

may have

varied attitudes,

based upon

respective latitudes,

I believe that

our present’s

the same.


Sevigny's peppermint ribbon candy (detail) by Adrigon (CC3.0)


Regardless of way,


time of day,

whatever your season,

I hope that it’s pleasin’.


Peace sign above Kinlochleven by Anne Petty (CC 2.0)

Peace sign above Kinlochleven


Ilex aquifolium - European Holly by Emilio del Prado (CC SA 2.0)

European Holly



The film is personal, heartbreaking & the issues are real.

-The Huffington Post

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