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Braiding Challah by Yoninah (CC BY 2.5)

Braiding Challah

Challah with Sesame & Silver  by Aviv Hod (CC 3.0)

Sesame and silver

Sky at sunset from Brancoli's crux by Lucio Torre (CC SA 3.0)



Shabbat Table Challah & Wine by Gilabrand (CC BY 2.5)

Shabbos dinner awaits


Schabbatkerzen by Olaf Herfurth (CC 3.0))



Shabbat Meal by Sam Felder (CC SA 2.0)

The best


Night and Sleep, 1878.  (PD Age)

Night and Sleep, 1878.

Tobias & Sara, wedding night, C. 1520, Germany

Tobias and Sara, c. 1520

Temple Mount & Western Wall during Shabbat by David Shankbone (CC 3.0)

Temple Mount & Western Wall, Shabbat


שבת שמות


‘These are the names . . . .’


Exodus 1:1


Pharaoh & the Midwives from Golden Haggadah Catalonia, 14th c. CE (PD Age)

Pharaoh and the Midwives, Catalonia, 14th c.


Pharaoh's Daughter Receives the Mother of Moses by James Jacques Joseph Tisoot c. 1896 -1902 (PD Age)

Pharaoh’s Daughter Receives the Mother of Moses c. 1896 -1902

Moses vor dem brennenden Dornbusch der Domenico Fetti c.1615 (PD Age)

Moses vor dem brennenden Dornbusch c.1615

Jethro and Moses, James Tissot, c. 1896-1900. (PD Age)

Jethro and Moses c.1896-1900


Steamy Cholent by צולם על ידי אילן שריף (CC2.5)

Steamy Cholent


Louis & Chanel, napping by Stephan Brunet Macphreak (CCSA 3.0)

Shabbos schleuf


Holding Hands Shadow by Mike DelGaudio (CC BY SA 2.0)

Shabbos stroll


The Rock of Salvation by Samuel Colman (Hudson River School) (PD Age)

Three Stars Appear
(The Rock of Salvation, 1837)


Beit Krakow Hawdala  by BeitKrakow (CC 3.0)

Beit Krakow Hawdala

Havdallah, Spain 14C painting (PD US & EU, Age)

Havdallah, Spain 14C


I wish that you could:

Smell the dense promise of yeast and egg
as the challah is being prepared.

Inhale the honey gold warmth as it bakes.

Feel the glow envelope you as the shabbos candles are lit.

Embrace the fullness of time as it yields to eternity.

Experience the joy and laughter of Shabbat dinner
shared with family and friends.

Hear the stories once again, spoken and sung,
in Hebrew and in native tongue.

Hear them turning to unveil familiar comforts and fresh encounter.

Feel the warm peace of an afternoon nap.

Awaken to stroll in the late afternoon as the sun’s light starts to slant.

Watch the night sky for three stars. Take in the evening air.

Feel the wholeness of havdalah, smell the intensity of the spices
that awaken you to the week ahead.

Feel the contentment, the quiet joy, the grounding,
that Shabbat can bring,
whenever you choose to embrace it.


שבת שלום


© 5 December 2012    Isabella Darling.  All rights reserved.  Images as attributed. Video via standard youtube license.

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