Sacred Threads – Calling all Weavers

Babu spinning, 1942

Non-violence is the essence of all religions.

 -Mahatma Gandhi

Ms. Darling confesses to quaking a bit as she publishes this page, religion having brought out the worst, as well as the best, in human beings.

So many texts, so many versions. 

Words matter.  Translation, perspective, purpose – they all matter.

People disagree.

But all of that is a beautiful thing, if it gets us to speak to one another, to understand, and to use the sacred gift of the mind to repair the broken pieces of our world.

Such a sea of texts.  And my boat is so small!  Help me navigate the waters. 

Share your favorite texts here.   I am especially interested in those featured in the original language with (at least) the English translations.

Include the religion, branch or sect (if there is one) and the name of the website (so that your comment isn’t screened as spam.)  Tell us why those versions are your favorites.

Your comments will be included in the listing, to help guide others.

As the page progresses, if you take issue with a version cited here, say it!  It’s all about the discussion, the interaction, the learning.

So be kind, bear in mind that spinning orb that we all call home, and share your knowledge.  It’s how we grow!

Thanks for joining in!


© Isabella Darling 1 November 2011.  All rights reserved.  Images as attributed.


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